100% made in austria


We are committed to the environment! We offer an innovative, completely chemical-free, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly method for quality assurance. 

We are pioneers for the development of highly effective UV-C devices

We create new paths with you! As pioneers in our field, our strength lies in acting quickly and decisively, addressing each of our customer's needs, and finding new solutions. We have the courage to move forward with our customers, constantly developing our company.

We understand your needs! We have the answer to each individual problem. We develop and produce the best solution, while making deliberate choices to achieve the best results! 

Acting world-wide

In addition to our home market of Austria, STERILSYSTEMS
works worldwide in the following countries:

Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Morocco, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Tunisia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam. 

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