In food production a good and active hygiene is an essential factor for a permanent warranty of high quality and durability of the products. Despite extensive measures, there is still a high humidity.

Hygienic air for healthy and efficient indoor air

The number of microorganisms existing in the air (such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts, moulds) is reliably reduced by UV-C light at 254nm without ozone formation, and disabled. The short-wave UV-C radiation has a strong bactericidal effect. It is absorbed by the DNA of the microorganisms and there destroys their structure. In this way, the living cells are inactivated. To further improve the results, the ambient air may be dried. A "fogging" of the goods due to temperature differences is thus successfully avoided.   

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STERILSYSTEMS calculates and optimizes UV-C air disinfection components for any application – specifically to handle pathogenic germs on difficult to clean surfaces or in narrow channels, and we do so with no chemicals – just the pure power of the sun.

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