Pass-through disinfection

The pass-through disinfection system with high-performance technology (HPF) provides 360° disinfection, and can be integrated into an existing production line. The surface to be treated is sterilized dry, without the use of chemicals or heat.
de500 1500 durchlaufdesinfektion flaeche


Packaging lines | Transport containers | Pharmaceutical industry | Food production | Slicer lines | Locks

de500 1500 uv desinfektion
de500 1500 uvc entkeimung
de500 1500 uv system
de500 1500 uv geraet
de500 1500 uv licht
de500 1500 uvc anlage

Function The innovative split technology allows for efficient illumination on all sides – including the bottom. UV-C disinfection is completed while products move automatically through the system, and can be integrated into a production line with no additional work steps.

Equipment Each system is calculated, designed and produced individually to meet the customer’s needs; emitters with HPF technology provide 2.5x better performance; waterproof switch cabinet with electronic ballast and control electronics; stainless steel conveyor belt; fan for temperature regulation
Assembly/maintenance Turnkey solution – ready to operate, turnkey system; suitable for wet cleaning

Technical Data

TYPEDE500 bis DE1500
Abmessung in mm L × B × H anpasspar je nach erforderlicher Kapazität
Material GehäuseEdelstahl V2A
Strahler ST1 UV-C high efficiency / 12.000 h
Leistung in W 500 – 2000
Spannung230 / 400V 50Hz
Anschlusskabel in m6
Gewicht in kgje nach Maschinengröße
Einlegehöhe in mm1000 +/- 150