Disinfection lock

The DS1800 is used to eliminate unwanted microorganisms on the surfaces of pallets, containers, barrels and packages, while serving as a high-care lock between preparation and processing rooms.
ds1800 desinfektions schleuse flaeche


Food production | Pharmaceutical industry | Transport containers

Function Pallets, containers, barrels and packages can be sterilized. The pallet / packaging unit can be placed into the disinfection lock using a forklift. After the gate is closed, effective disinfection is initiated. The DS1800 therefore serves as a UV-C high care lock between preparation and processing rooms, preventing unwanted microorganisms from being moved from one room to the next.

Equipment High-quality stainless steel housing; effective UV-C emitters; high-care lock; waterproof switch cabinet with ballast electronics and control electronics
Assembly/maintenance Turnkey solution – ready to operate, turnkey-ready system; emitters can be exchanged by the operator

Technical Data

Abmessung in mm L × B × H1390 × 2600 × 1590
Einlegehöhe in mmca. 300
Material GehäuseEdelstahl V2A
Strahler ST1 UV-C high efficiency / 12.000 h
Leistung in KW2,5
Spannung400V (50Hz)
Anschlusskabel in m3 / 6 / 10
Gewicht in kg920