Desinfection cabinet

The DS410 disinfection station is used to eliminate unwanted microorganisms on the surfaces of small units such as packages, letters, tools, laboratory glasses, and similar items. After placing the objects into the compact stainless steel housing, activate a rocker switch to start the device and begin reliable sterilization of microorganisms. In addition, a time relay can be used to pre-set the disinfection duration as needed. The safety device ensures the lamps are switched off if the device is opened during operation. The DS400 is equipped with a flap on both sides.
ds 410 desinfektionsschrank


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Function The high-energy UV-C light triggers a photochemical reaction. Wavelengths of 253.7nm are absorbed by cells’ nucleic acids and inactivate or damage bacteria
and fungal spores, depending on the amount of radiation used. Because of this, the UV-C light can be used for targeted inactivation or damaging of up to 99.99% of microorganisms (such as bacteria/viruses, yeasts and molds).

Equipment The high-quality, compact stainless steel housing is equipped with 2 UV-C lamps and inspection flaps to safely shield against UV-C radiation. In addition, the DS400 is also designed with a time relay and safety switch for reliable protection of personnel. Delivered plug-in ready with a 3m connection cable.

Technical Data

Abmessung Außen in mm H x B x T425x500x450
Abmessung Innen in mm H x B x T300x495x395
Material GehäuseEdelstahl V2A
Leistung in W60
Spannung230 V +/- 10% (50 Hz) od. 12 V +/- 10%
Gewicht in kg18