Air sterilization unit

The KB299 offers high-quality finishing that provides efficient UV-C disinfection of air flows in central air conditioning and ventilation systems. Microorganisms formed in the ventilation system or brought in through outdoor air can be eliminated using this system. These UV-C air disinfection units help reduce sick building syndrome and infections.
kb299 luftdesinfektion uvc system


Laboratories | Ventilation housing |  Ventilation ducts | Sterile workbenches

kb299 uvc luftentkeimung lampe
kb299 uvc luftentkeimung roehre
kb299 uvc lampe klima lueftungsanlage

Function KB299 is suitable for larger ventilation systems; can be integrated into existing work processes/ventilation systems; supports the hygiene specifications of VDI directive 6022; series connection of individual modules possible
Equipment Moisture-protected UV-C emitter module with reflectors and integrated electronic ballast; LED indicator for functional controlling

Assembly/maintenance Easy installation from the outside – can be integrated into existing work processes/ventilation systems; placed inside of the ventilation housing
Options Available with ozone emitters for additional odor neutralization

Technical Data

Abmessung in mm L × B × H990 × 90 × 105
Material GehäuseEdelstahl V4A
Strahler ST12× UV-C high efficiency / 16.000 h
Leistung in W200
Spannung230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Gewicht in kg4,8