Ozone generator

The OZ60 ozone generator can be used for single-dose disinfection and odor elimination in rooms with primarily dry environmental conditions where no personnel are present.
oz60 ozongenerator geruchsbeseitigung


Automotive preparation | Pest control | Odor elimination

Function The mobile OZ60 device can be individually used to eliminate odors in the air / on surfaces and for single-dose disinfection in small areas or private applications. The ozone is formed from oxygen in the ambient air using the device, without any additives. The ozone molecules react quickly with a large number of organic/non-organic compounds, neutralizing odors and sterilizing the “bad” air thoroughly and reliably. The ozone produced is usually completely consumed by this oxidation process over a certain time and decays back to oxygen.

Equipment small design; easy to handle stainless steel housing; high-quality ozone components
Assembly/maintenance turnkey ready – cable length 3m

Technical Data

Abmessung in mm L × B × H248 × 165 × 107
Material GehäuseEdelstahl V2A
Ozon-Komponente / LebensdauerCorona Platine / 4000h
Ozonleistung mg / h6000
Leistung in W70
Spannung230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Anschlusskabel in m3m inkl. Schuko-Stecker
Gewicht in kg2,8
Lüfterleistung90m³ / h