Sterile air module

The SLM6/3 is used to sterilize the airless area of tanks or containers and to sterilize intake air. The SLM6/3 is used to guide air through three filter stages (G4, F7, H13) for treatment and filtration. Then the air is sterilized by the UV-C module, after which it is blown into the existing tank.
slm6 3 steril luft modul uv desinfektion


Ventilation systems | Ventilation ducts | Airless areas of tanks/containers

Function Filtering and UV-C disinfection are combined into just one device, allowing for the reliable elimination of dust particles, suspended and polluting materials and microorganisms ; dry, heat-free and chemical-free disinfection
Equipment Module contains three filter stages (G4, F7, H13) and the UV-C module; UV-C emitters are waterproof with a protective glass; switch cabinet contains operating hours counter and remote signaling contact for functional monitoring

Assembly/maintenance The module is mounted upstream of the suction channel; maintenance can easily be performed on the filter and emitter from the outside

Technical Data

Abmessung in mm L × B × H1830 × 713 × 435
Material GehäuseSt verzinkt oder Edelstahl
Strahler ST1UV-C high efficiency / 16.000 h
Leistung in W300
Spannung230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Anschlusskabel in m3 / 6 / 10
Gewicht in kg70
Filterstufe 1Filterklassse G4 gem. EN779:2012
Mittlerer Abscheidegrad (Am) des synthetischen Prüfstaubs (%) G4: 90 ≤ Am
Filterstufe 2Filterklasse F9 gem. EN 779:2012
Mindestwirkungsgrad bei 0.4 μm F9 70%, Mittlerer Wirkungsgrad (Em) von 0.4 μm 95 ≤ Em
Filterstufe 3Filterklasse H13 gem. EN 1822 Schwebstofffilter