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We are experts with more than 20 years of experiences in developing UV disinfection devices. Wether it is used for UV air sterilisation, UV water purification, UV surface disinfection, or even neutralisation of odor, we are your best option. For us quality and customer satisfaction is the most important thing.   

Check out our innovative selection of UV devices!

ULE2000Ambient air disinfection unit

The ULE2000 was developed specifically for the disinfection of rooms in which personnel are present and in difficult ambient conditions, or for high levels of contamination.

DE500–1500Pass-through disinfection

The pass-through disinfection system with high-performance technology (HPF) provides 360° disinfection, and can be integrated into an existing production line. The surface to be treated is sterilized dry, without the use of chemicals or heat.

OZ75Ozone generator

The OZ75 ozone generator is suitable for single-dose disinfection and odor removal in large rooms where no personnel are present, and is specially designed to meet the needs of the food industry.

Pure quality

We are pioneers for the development of highly effective UV-C devices.


The usage of UV light is a purely physical concept without any chemicals. Toxic compounds or the risk of building up resistance is not given. It is an innovative and modern alternative for sterilizing air, water and surfaces.


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