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We are committed to the environment! We offer an innovative, completely chemical-free, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly method for quality assurance. 

We are pioneers for the development of highly effective UV-C devices.

We create new paths with you! As pioneers in our field, our strength lies in acting quickly and decisively, addressing each of our customer's needs, and finding new solutions. We have the courage to move forward with our customers, constantly developing our company.


We have the answer for every individual problem. We develop and manufacture the best solution and make well-considered decisions for optimal results!

Locations worldwide

In addition to the home market of Austria STERILSYSTEMS operates worldwide in the following countries:

Algeria, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, France, Greece, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Morocco, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey, Tunisia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus and Vietnam. 

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Our company policy

Qualitiy is what we live!

For more than 30 years, STERILSYSTEMS GmbH has been one of the pioneers in the development of highly effective UV-C devices and systems for air-, surface- and water disinfection and also odor neutralization.

The quality policy is part of the corporate philosophy, which forms the basis of our company. Our vision is to establish ourselves in Europe and in the long term worldwide as a supplier for small and medium-sized series and special systems.

Customer orientation and flexibility as well as the highest quality in terms of finding a suitable solution, giving advice and implement these said solutions are among our main goals. In order to meet the growing demands of our customers, we are always aiming for a further development regarding us as a company and also regarding our products.

Management has established a quality policy that is appropriate to the purpose and context of the organization and supports its strategic direction, it also includes a commitment to meet applicable requirements and represents this commitment to continuous improvement of the quality management system.

These specifications are set to ensure the quality of the products which are to be delivered. It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure compliance in their area of responsibility. Our employees are actively involved in our quality policy, so everyone contributes to the quality management system in their respective place. Constant training and further education as well as identification with our goals ensure that our visions and goals are realized.

To achieve a high standard in the design and in the production of our systems, we attach great importance to high-quality tools and equipment, which are subject to regular maintenance.

Achieving and maintaining the high level of quality is generally understood as a dynamic process, which must be verified by constantly reviewing our problem-solving approaches and customer satisfaction. Constant modification of processes and workflows is necessary to adapt market conditions or to be even one step ahead.

All employees are therefore obliged to implement the documented QM system and the instructions contained therein in their area. Furthermore, our employees are required to constantly contribute to the improvement of the quality management system.

Quality management is one of the central corporate tasks. In addition to the quality of our products, it also secures jobs and the well-being of the company.

This declaration of commitment to the quality policy of the management is binding for all employees.


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