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Clear water with UVC Water Disinfection devices made in Austria

Drinking water, bathing fun, cosmetics and medicines - water in its diversity is one of the most valuable resources and must not contain any pathogens or impurities. If you want to achieve the highest level of quality for drinking water, you have made the right choice by using a water sterilization unit that uses UV-C light for this kind of treatment. There are many advantages by using UV-C-disinfection, it works without the use of chemical substances or thermal processes. Since this is quite a complex topic, we recommend our specialists at STERILSYSTEMS.

Drinking water is a keyfuture concern, as well as a responsibility.

Water disinfection with UV radiation

UV-C lamps are used for UV disinfection to remove germs in water, in ponds and swimming pools and even to disinfect drinking water. UVC or UV sterilization disinfects contaminated drinking water up to 99.99%. The water is only UV-illuminated by using a certain UVC lamp which comes in a special stainless steel reactor provided only for this purpose. This means that UV water sterilization is a reliable way to reduce germs without any chemicals whatsoever.

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99.99% germ reduction through UV-C treatment with STERILSYSTEMS with 100% retention of minerals, taste, color and scent, as well as pH level. and we do so with no chemicals – just the pure power of the sun.

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In general, cleansing via UVC light is a proven method of killing bacteria and viruses in liquids. It is used for disinfecting drinking water, process water, fish farming, pool/whirlpool, wells, filter systems, medical articles and much more. Clean water is one of the most valuable resources on earth and by using UV-C disinfection it is possible to disinfect contaminated drinking water with a probability of up to 99.99%. Various devices are used for the versatile application of water disinfection. In the case of water disinfection, a consultation with a specialist is unavoidable.

That depends entirely on the desired area of application.

Basically, UVC lamps are installed in a water disinfection system, which emit short-wave, ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 253.7nm. These UV-C water sterilizers are integrated into the filter circuit so that the water flows past an UV tube and becomes germ-free due to the intensive irradiation. The water quality is completely preserved, as this method works completely chemical-free. For effective water disinfection, a certain radiation intensity is required to be sure that all germs are effectively deactivated, this is calculated by STERILSYSTEMS.

UV-C water disinfection can be used if chemical disinfectants have harmful effects or high temperatures are unsuitable for the cleaning or treatment of (drinking) water. The following applications or areas are suitable for water disinfection:

  • Pools & swimming pools
  • Water treatment of garden ponds
  • municipal and private supply of drinking water
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • Bath water treatment

There are different UV-C water disinfection devices for different areas of application. Especially for private households or in commercial areas, continuous systems are suitable, which only need a short time to kill microorganisms. Applied in a cooling tower, an air washer or water tanks – replaceable spotlights are used here. UV-C immersion lamps are UV clarifiers without the surrounding housing and are completely immersed under water as a dive light. The submersible devices are usually equipped with UV-C lamps which are additionally covered by a quartz glass tube. In aquaristics, UV filters are used, which are equipped with a chamber illuminated with UV-C light. This is often connected to the water circuit of the external filter or to a bypass.

With the help of a UV system, it can be achieved that care products no longer have to be added for effective water treatment. At the same time, however, the water quality is maintained. In addition, UV-C water disinfection has the effect of reducing measurable chloramines in the bath water. Irritation on the body is thereby prevented. Finally, living microorganisms, such as E. coli, Salmonella and Cryptosporidium, cannot develop resistance to UV rays and therefore die.

Here are a few advantages when using with UV-C water disinfection:

  • Use without chemicals
  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms
  • No formation of harmful by-products such as chlorine dioxide & trihalomethanes
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Possibility of sustainable use via renewable energies such as solar


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