UVC air desinfection

How does UVC air desinfection work?

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are indispensable today. They already have an immense impact in our working society whether it’s in the medical technology department or the food industry. A better and even a germfree air in every environment is given by using UVC air disinfection. UV-C light can destroy the DNA of a life form such as viruses and bacteria and makes it possible to disinfect air. With our UVC room and air purifiers, the room air is drawn into the housing by the built-in fan and 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria are removed inside by said UV-C light. Only antibacterial & clean air then spreads through your premises. Trust our reliable devices for air disinfection made by STERILSYSTEMS.

Air is a fundamental element of our world, providing us with well-being, energy and vitality.

In addition to significantly extending the shelf lives of food, a clean environment also has positive impacts on work atmosphere and effectively prevents  sick building syndrome in work facilities. Numerous references serve as evidence of these positive effects. STERILSYSTEMS calculates and optimizes disinfection components and required modules for specific applications. In addition, existing equipment can be upgraded or decentralized operating units can be installed.

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STERILSYSTEMS calculates and optimizes UV-C air disinfection components for any application – specifically to handle pathogenic germs on difficult to clean surfaces or in narrow channels, and we do so with no chemicals – just the pure power of the sun.

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UV-C radiation with a wavelength between 205 and 280 nanometers can kill or inactivate the DNA of bacteria and viruses. This ability is used by the special UV-C lamps to disinfect air, water, and surfaces.

The UV-C light frees the air from around 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria. These lamps can be installed anywhere needed with or without any cover, that depends on whether there are people in the room or not. Whether evaporators, air conditioning and ventilation systems, complete ventilation modules or mobile devices, air disinfection is a complex application and must be adapted to the operation or the problem.

Whether for a positive effect on the working climate or for extending the shelf life during food production – UV-C air disinfection can be used in a wide variety of areas. Production halls of all kinds (also for odor removal), ripening rooms and warehouses, medical practices & hospitals, offices, gastronomy and tourism, private apartments and much more. Of course, using this advantageous method for air-conditioning and ventilating systems makes sense.

UV air sterilizers continuously clean and disinfect the room air and ensure a pleasant indoor climate. Especially in connection with pathogens, the question of protection against viruses with the help of UV-C air disinfection has increasingly come into focus. It is considered guaranteed within research that airborne transmission is one of the main routes of infection for viruses, especially in enclosed, poorly ventilated rooms. Air purifiers disinfect the room air and inactivate bacteria and viruses and therefore offer health protection. Moulds, dust mites, pathogens and all sorts of biological microbes are also reliably inactivated, which is for example an important factor in the food sector.

The range of STERILSYSTEMS offers a selection of the following products:

  • UVC air disinfectors
  • Recirculation disinfectors
  • Air disinfection for air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Air disinfection modules

UV-C air disinfection devices can be attached to walls or ceilings and in this case are supplied including mounting bracket. Other devices, such as the KLS air disinfection unit, are mounted in ventilation ducts and can be integrated into existing ventilation systems. Installation takes place vertically in the ventilation shaft. The KB ventilation unit, in turn, is placed inside the ventilation housing. Simple circulating air disinfection devices, on the other hand, do not need installation – they are simply set up in the respective area.

Due to the technical decrease in the performance of the lamps, the average life expectancy of UV-C lamps is at least 16,000 hours, once reached, a lamp replacement is recommended. There is no distinction between the treated air volume and bacterial count. The housing of the devices is made of stainless steel. The electronics is developed for a long service life. Smaller wear parts such as electronic components or sealing rings are available from us at any time. UV-C lamps are fed into the waste management cycle, with no separate disposal costs.

When distinguishing between air purifiers with carbon filters, air purifiers with HEPA filters, air purifiers with ionizers and UV-C air purifiers, air washers with UV-C radiation are considered the most effective. To decide which type of air purification is the right one for your purposes, certain key data (new construction or existing equipment, size, air exchange, etc.) should first be determined. In order to determine the right device or module, you should consult a specialist. Together, the goals and the budget are set and the air disinfection project can begin. With the right calculation and implementation, the best results can be achieved. 


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