Air disinfection module

The KLM module was specifically developed for UV-C disinfection of the air flow in central air conditioning and ventilation systems. The KLM module stands out for its high-quality finishing and custom adaptability.
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klm2000 luftdesinfektions uvc


Food industry | Ventilation systems | Pharmaceutical industry | Residential ventilation systems | Hospitals | Public ventilation systems

KLM2000 uv geraet
KLM2000 uvc anlage
KLM2000 uv lampe
KLM2000 uvc entkeimung
KLM2000 uvc lampe
KLM2000 uvc entkeimung 01

Assembly/maintenance Simple installation; emitters can be exchanged easily via a screw-in socket
Option Available with ozone emitters for additional odor neutralization/ upon request, the KLM can be equipped with an LED indicator for functional controlling

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm L x W x HDepending on volume flow rate
Housing materialGalvanized steel or stainless steel
Emitter ST1 UV-C high efficiency / 16,000 h
Power in WDepending on volume flow rate
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Connection cable in m3 / 6 / 10
Weight in kgdepending on size


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