Ozone Odor removal

Ozone generator for odor elimination

Aggressive odors are counteracted today with highly effective active oxygen. Ozone is a natural, gaseous molecule and occurs naturally in small amounts.

With an ozone generator you can easily and effectively neutralize bad odors. Ozone disinfection is ideal for disinfecting closed areas such as cars, hotel rooms/ski rooms, private flat or house, etc. It’s effective against mold, bacteria and viruses and works without any chemicals. Odor elimination devices with ozone produced by STERILSYSTEMS - the easy remedy when the fragrance spray fails.

Odors stimulate and inspire, and can even enchant.

Ozone purifiers to neutralize room odor

Odors are often difficult to get rid of. Ozone is a highly effective technical disinfectant which, through its oxidizing effect, destroys molecules such as ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other organic compounds as well as all germs and bacteria. It is therefore suitable as an odor neutralizer for any kind or closed area to eliminate a bad smell and neutralize any other room odors.

Since no other chemicals are required, an ozone machine is an environmentally friendly means of odor neutralization.


This is how ozone cleaning works

When cleaning with an ozone generator, the air is sucked in from the back of the device by an integrated fan and the device generates ozone molecules from the oxygen molecules in the air by electronic charging. The forces between the individual atoms in the gaseous molecule are low, which is why they can react well with other substances. An oxygen molecule is formed from two atoms and one or more formations from the third oxygen atom and the reactant. This then decomposes odor-forming compounds such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide into odorless gases and neutralizes the ozone.

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Ozone occurs naturally and is formed when three atoms of oxygen combine. This happens naturally, for instance following thunderbolts.

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Ozone odor removal works by releasing ozone (O3) into the air to eliminate unwanted odors. Ozone is a highly oxidizing gas that destroys organic compounds that cause odors by breaking the chemical bonds in their molecules.

In enclosed spaces, such as cars, hotels, apartments, etc., the ozone devices produce ozone through a combination of oxygen and electrical discharges, and if the ozone content in the room is high enough, it fights the bad odors, bacteria and mold.

Ozone odor removal is used in many areas where it is necessary to eliminate unwanted odors. Some examples are:

Automotive industry: Ozone is used to remove unpleasant odors from used cars before they are sold.
Hotel industry: If ventilation and fragrance sprays are no longer useful, the rooms between the guests can be quickly and effectively freed from unpleasant odors by means of ozone generators.
Housing management: Ozone is often used to rid apartments of unpleasant odors before they are handed over to new tenants or buyers. 
Fire and water damage: Ozone is used to rid rooms of odors caused by fire or water damage.
Food industry: Production halls, changing rooms, storage rooms, transport vehicles and equipment are freed from unpleasant odors.
Medical facilities: Ozone is used in some hospitals and doctors' offices to rid rooms of unpleasant odors and germs.
Sports and leisure facilities: Ozone devices are suitable for swimming pools and fitness rooms; air quality is improved and unpleasant odors are eliminated.

There are numerous applications and depending on individual needs and requirements, the right solution must be determined. With the right safety precautions and the right application, ozone can be used in other areas.

  1. Quick action: Ozone can rid rooms of unwanted odors in a short time.
  2. Effectiveness: It is one of the strongest oxidizing agents, so it can also eliminate stubborn odors that cannot be removed by other methods.
  3. Eco-friendly: Ozone is a natural and biodegradable gas that leaves no residue and does not use harmful chemicals.
  4. No coverage of odor: Other methods, such as fragrances and perfumes, can only cover odors instead of eliminating them. Ozone, on the other hand, acts directly on the organic compounds that cause the odor.
  5. Versatility: Ozone can be used for a variety of applications, from removing odors in homes and cars to cleaning food and medical products.
  6. Disinfection: Ozone also has disinfectant properties and can therefore kill germs and viruses in certain applications.

Caution should be exercised when using ozone, some important safety precautions must be observed to ensure that it is used safely and effectively.
Only use ozone devices that are certified by a recognized body and meet safety standards. The devices at STERILSYSTEMS naturally meet these requirements.

  1. Use ozone only in unoccupied rooms. It is toxic to humans and animals and can be harmful in the long run if inhaled in high concentrations.
  2. Make sure that the ozone content in the room is always within the safety limits during the operation of the device.
  3. Ventilate the room thoroughly after the ozone device has been turned off to ensure that the ozone concentration drops back to safe levels before entering the room again.
  4. Keep children and animals away from the scene.
  5. Do not use the ozone devices near open flames or other ignition sources.
  6. Avoid contact with ozone if you are sensitive to breathing problems or have lung disease.
  7. Keep ozone devices away from highly flammable or explosive objects, as ozone can be explosive.

It is important to know that ozone in high concentrations can be toxic and harmful to health, so all safety precautions should be followed to make the use of ozone safe and effective.

The cost of ozone odor removal with a generator depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of the area, the condition of the area, and the number of uses needed. There may also be differences in cost depending on what type of generator is used, what power it has, and what additional features it has.

The purchase price for an ozone generator can vary from a few hundred to a thousand euros. This depends on the size and performance of the device.

In addition, there are the running costs for electricity and possibly maintenance, which must also be considered. It is advisable to speak to one of our experts to ensure that the most suitable device for your case is selected and that the cost remains within budget.

The time it takes to eliminate an odor using ozone depends on several factors, such as the type of odor, the size of the area, the initial intensity of the odor, and the ozone device being used.

As a rule, it takes only a few hours to a few days to completely eliminate an odor in a normal room. However, in larger rooms or with more persistent odors, the duration may be longer.
It is always advisable to seek advice from an expert to ensure that the process of odor elimination is carried out safely and effectively and to get an accurate estimate of the duration.

If the instructions for use sent with the ozone generators are followed, there is no danger from ozone. Ozone is harmful to health if it is inhaled for a long time and in higher concentrations through the lungs.

There are special requirements for the use of ozone in enclosed spaces. Some of these requirements are:

Ventilation: It is important that there is adequate ventilation to ensure that the ozone concentration in the room remains safe. If the ozone concentration becomes too high, it can be dangerous.
Monitoring: It is necessary to monitor the ozone concentration in the room during the operation of the device to ensure that it is always within the safe limits.
Time:Ozone should always be applied in unoccupied rooms to ensure that the people who are in the room are not put at risk. It is also important to ventilate the room thoroughly after the ozone device has been turned off to ensure that the ozone concentration drops back to safe levels before entering the room again.


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