Surface desinfection

Surface disinfection with special UVC devices by STERILSYSTEMS

A sterile production is essential in food processing companies, extending the shelf lives from products are a must in our throwaway society. An intensive UV light treatment prepares surfaces in such a way that they are disinfected and maximum hygiene is provided in the food production and packaging area. Our UV-C surface disinfection devices are used for a germ-free production in the food industry and also for these following areas:

Medical equipment

Interiors of industrial plants

food and packaging industry

disinfection cabinets

Purely hygienic surfaces Completely without chemicals, on a purely physical basis.

Disinfection and sterilization of surfaces with UV-C-Devices

This kind of disinfection is useful when cutting meat, in slicing productions, when producing convenience articles and also in cutting companies who process fruit and vegetables into fresh-cut products. Lamps that produce UV-C light, for example, convert the natural oxygen inside a knife disinfection cabinet into active oxygen (ozone), which oxidizes all organic substances. Microorganisms are killed up to 99% and your surfaces are sterile. With the right surface disinfection from STERILSYSTEMS you meet the hygiene regulations in the food sector and enable clean surfaces in your company.

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UV-C surface disinfection equipment from Sterilsystems serve as key quality components in the hygiene chain and ensure hygienically pure production.

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The disinfection of surfaces by means of UV-C radiation is a purely physical process. Devices adapted to the desired application are used for this purpose. Mobile floor-standing devices, devices for wall or ceiling mounting, UV-C tunnels (roller conveyor belt), UV-C cabinets and robots are possible. In areas where hygiene plays a very important role, the UV-C disinfection method has become indispensable. By means of special UV-C lamps, surfaces are disinfected without chemicals, without moisture and also without temperature development and made germ-free. Especially in food production, this is an important building block in the sensitive hygiene chain. The UV-C disinfection of surfaces ensures, among other things, permanently hygienic surfaces, as belts and rolls can also be cleaned during ongoing production, so not only the packaging itself is germ-free, but also the workplace. 

UV-C radiation with a wavelength between 205 and 280 nanometers has the ability to kill or inactive the DNA of bacteria and viruses. A UV-C lamp takes advantage of this and disinfects water, air and surfaces. UV radiation gets its ability to disinfect through the short wavelength and the associated high energy. If the UV-C lamp has a wavelength of up to 280 nanometers, the radiation breaks the chemical bonds of microorganisms. Bacteria and viruses thus lose the opportunity to multiply and are no longer infectious.

Especially in the field of food production, UV-C devices have been in use for decades. Specially developed belt disinfection devices or knife disinfections are used, for example, in meat cutting and sausage production, in "slicing" and the production of convenience products or in cutting plants and thus help to comply with existing hygiene regulations. Also for everyday smaller utensils such as tools, pens, smartphones, menus and much more. an additional UVC surface disinfection is suitable. UV-C surface cleaning is successfully used against germs of all kinds and is suitable in hospitals or practices as well as in commercial companies, in the food and packaging industry or in private households.

In the range of STERILSYSTEMS you will find a whole range of different devices for surface disinfection with UV radiation. STERILSYSTEMS also develops tailor-made solutions that exactly meet customer requirements.

  • UV lamps for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Belt/dismantling belt disinfection
  • Disinfection cabinets
  • Ozone cabinets
  • Surface disinfection with explosion protection
  • Glove disinfection chambers
  • Continuous disinfection
  • Disinfection airlocks
  • Can disinfection
  • Mobile disinfectors

Caution should always be exercised when using devices with UV-C radiation. Skin and eyes can be damaged by radiation and must not be used directly on the body. As soon as a stay is necessary, only devices are recommended in which the UV-C source is installed in a closed unit or is ensured by shielding the source that you are not exposed to UV-C radiation. The correct application including guidelines is recorded in detail in the operating instructions and a consultation in advance by our specialists is mandatory.

The stainless steel devices will support you for years. To ensure effective disinfection, the UV-C lamps must be replaced regularly. A lamp has a lifespan of 12,000 operating hours, depending on the application.


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