Blade basket disinfection

The MKD1200 is used for the continuous disinfection of blade baskets and processing tools (blades, chain gloves, etc.).
mkd1200 messerkorb uv desinfektion


Food production | Meat processing companies | Butchers | Hygiene locks in cutting rooms | Laboratories

Function While the employee washes and disinfects their hands, the blade basket is placed on the intake belt and automatically moved through the UV-C tunnel. The employee removes the finished and sterilized basket at the outlet of the system. No heat production – the blade retains its sharp cutting edge. An optimal light seal makes the device harmless for employees.

Equipment Protective conduits over the UV-C emitters fitted with splinter protection provide good breakage resistance during handling and cleaning; rust-proof stainless steel, waterproof switch cabinet with ballast electronics and control electronics
Assembly/maintenance Turnkey solution – ready to operate, turnkey system; suitable for wet cleaning

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm L x W x HMachine adaptable depending on required capacity
Housing materialV2A stainless steel
Emitter ST1UV-C high efficiency / 16.000 h
Power in W900
Voltage400V 50Hz
Weight in kgDepending on machine size


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