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By the innovative technology of UV disinfection there are deriving direct advantages for the operator:

Quality standards and hygiene requirements not only have to be met - they are the basis for the manufacturing process in the meat and poultry processing. Only this way expensive product recalls can be avoided, which not only cost money, but frequently also compromise the good reputation of the enterprise. To guarantee a long durability also is a requirement, that self-evidently our systems meet. They substantially contribute to the adherence of the HACCP, are free of chemistry and only require a minimum maintenance.

Betimes: UV-C prevents a contamination just at the beginning of the process chain.
Secure: sterilisation of the ambient air and slicing belt ensures the minimum durability.
Protective: UV-C prevents the growth of mould and supports the microclimate.
Indispensable: the UV air and packaging sterilisation in the slicer room is also decisive for the safeguarding of quality and the prolongation of the BBD.
Chanceless: the dissemination of mould and germs.

fleisch gefluegel

Growth of germs and undesirable microorganisms are incongruous in the manufacturing process of milk and cheese. UV-C disinfector from STERILSYSTEMS not only help to meet the quality and hygiene standards, but even to exceed them. This has a direct effect on the minimum durabilities. The sterilisation with UV light is one of the most efficient methods of sterilisation. Low investment costs and a minimum effort for the maintenance of the systems make the employment efficient. Positive effect on the IFS and the compliance with the HACCP requirements are further advantages, which nowadays barely an enterprise can ignore.

Microclimate: it gets supported by UV-C, undesirable formation of mould and yeast gets impeded.
Minimum durability: you and your customers may rely on it.
Quality: Security without ifs and buts- guaranteed by UV in the packaging room.

milch und kaese

Not only bakers know well: the air and surface hygiene just after the baking process is a decisive factor, if it concerns to avoid bacteria, yeasts and mould. STERILSYSTEMS has the solutions for the production of pastries. So the UV disinfection overall solutions are synonymous with quality assurance and the improvement of durability.

All the production chain, starting with the cooling process up to the sales thus is subject to a "UV control" - as a matter of course completely without any chemistry or ozone production. Thus in their hygiene and air management they meet all requirements of the consumer protection and the VDI 6022 with minimal effort and at that achieve a positive effect on an IFS certification.


Do delicate fruit and perishable vegetable tolerate a chimical treatment? We clearly stipulate: No. The UV-C solutions from STERILSYSTEMS have proved themselves at the best in the processing of fruit and vegetable, because they provide for a sterile ambience. By means of the UV-C light the microorganisms demonstrably die back at 99,9 per cent. Likewise there are no toxic compounds, and the simple assembly to the moulding process makes easy an investment.

Bacteria or mould are enemies in the logistics chain of the fruit and vegetable trade. Starting from the harvest to the interim storage and the transport as far as to the shelf of the shop or the supermarket: don´t permit any compromise.

obst gemuese

Potable water all over the world even gets more precious, the economical and considerate exploitation of the resources appertains to the great future tasks of mankind. However, it´s not everywhere that we know and have got credible pure water. There´s a lot of pros for the disinfection of water by means of ultraviolet light, so without the application of chimical reactors or thermal procedures. The UV processing is not only non-polluting, but even extremely economical. Apart from that all minerals, taste, colour and odour as well as the pH-value rest preserved.

Potable water must not contain pathogenic germs. And when we, at STERILSYSTEMS are talking about disinfection, we mean a reduction of the pathogenic germs of 99,999 per cent and have provided the devices of the G- and S-series accordingly. The certified units of the G-series are suited espescially well for the disinfection of potable water and are approved according to the Austrian and German standards and tested biodosimetrically.


UV flow plants of STERILSYSTEMS inter alia get used in the:

  • municipal and private drinking water supply
  • food industry
  • pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
  • bathwater conditioning (reduction of chloramines)
  • predisposition of bathing and garden ponds (containment of biological growth)
  • water heating (legionella prevention)

Always with lowest operating costs and thus extremely economical.


Air-conditioning and ventilating systems nowadays are simply indispensable. They are an inherent part of the working environment, the medical technology and food industry. We often speak of a „well-being climate“ and are meaning also the temperature and air humidity. But what about the pathogenic germs? How do they influence surfaces that are difficult to clean or tight channels? Germs, viruses and mould here often find an ideal matrix for their growth.

The consequences may be fatal: notable reduction of the durability of grocery, the sick building syndrome in the working rooms and infections cost much money and reduce the efficiency of the company. STERILSYSTEMS and the sterilisation technology, we developed and constructed, quite significantly supports the required compliance with hygiene measures of air-conditioning and ventilating systems according to the VDI-directive 6022. The positive consequences are proved by numerous references.

STERILSYSTEMS calculates and optimizes the sterilisation components or the complete modules, specifically for the respective application field. Computer simulations - already with the planning of HVAC units - guarantee a high future level of efficiency. Certainly also already existing facilities can be retrofitted.

klima lueftung

The infection risk in the laboratory, in the surgery or the consulting room as well as in the lounge and waiting rooms is particularly elevated. Germs get transmitted by the air, the consequences may be serious. UV devices from STERILSYSTEMS decisively minimize this risk. Why? Even multiresistent germs get inactivated by the UV technology and thus don´t do damage anymore. If even the UV module gets integrated in the ventilating and air conditioning system, this would be the best protection, as scientific studies have proved.

medizin pharma

Odours often emerge unscheduled and quite frequently are deranging, sometimes even noxious or inhibiting the sales. STERILSYSTEMS knows the areas of application, for example of the UV allrounder OZ75 and is able to refer to numerous testimonials. Withal the mobile application and the extremely low maintenance costs play a decisive role, as well as the exact requirements of the customer.

When you choose the OZ75, you will get a "pure air"

  • car dealers and car workshops
  • used car dealership and car rental agencies
  • taxi and autobus services
  • hotels, catering, canteens, seminar rooms
  • hospitals, clinics, sanatoria, retirement homes
  • convalescent homes, spa areas, gyms, indoor swimming pools
  • industrial cleaning and facility management
  • community facilities, kindergarten, town halls
  • catering services, event management
  • libraries, archives, art exhibitions, theater


The areas of application could be continued ad libitum. Just ask us and particularise your „odour problem“, which soon won´t exist anymore.


Pure enjoyment


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