Disinfection lock

The DS 1200/DS1500 disinfection lock is used to eliminate undesirable microorganisms on the surfaces of large units such as pallets with goods, containers, barrels, big bags and packaging.
ds1200 1500 desinfektions schleuse flaeche


Food production | Pharmaceutical industry | Transport containers

Function Large units such as pallets/containers can be placed into the disinfection lock using a trolley/pallet truck and are effectively sterilized. At the same time, the DS1200 – DS1500 also serves as a UV-C high care lock between preparation and processing rooms, preventing unwanted microorganisms from being moved from one room to the next.

Equipment Each system can be calculated, designed and produced individually to meet customer requirements; high-quality stainless steel housing; effective UV-C emitters; high-care lock; waterproof switch cabinet with ballast electronics and control electronics
Assembly/maintenance Turnkey solution – ready to operate, turnkey-ready system; emitters can be exchanged by the operator

Technical Data

TypeDS 1200
Dimensions in mm L x W x H adaptable depending on required capacity
Housing materialPanel cabinet, interior V2A stainless steel
Emitter ST1UV-C high efficiency / 12,000 h incl. splinter protection
Power in W500 – 3000
Voltage400V (50Hz)
Connection cable in m6 m
Weight in kgDepending on the size of the system
Operation - operating status“Control via PLC and HMI touch display LED signal light”

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