UV-C/ozone cabinet

UV-C/ozone cabinets are designed for the penetrating disinfection of different products and tools, allowing for effective irradiation of even interior and difficult to access areas.
dc 700 800 uv c ozonschrank flaeche


Laboratories | Pharmaceutical industry | Food production

Function The UV-C unit handles surface disinfection and the combined ozone unit guarantees penetration of interior areas, completely eliminating unwanted microorganisms. After the automatic disinfection process, the ozone is suctioned out and vented outside or through a customer-supplied activated charcoal filter.

Equipment UV-C and ozone emitters; safety door switch and shielding for effective personnel protection; LED indicator shows the operating status (ready for operation, disinfection process, fault/error)
Assembly/maintenance ready to plug-in – cable length 3m; emitters can be exchanged by the operator

Technical Data

TypeDC2-700 OZ
Dimensions in mm L x W x H900 × 765 × 480
Housing materialV2A stainless steel
Emitter ST1UV-high efficiency Ozon / 12.000 h
Power in W900
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 Hz)
Connection cable in m 3m incl. Schuko plug
Weight in kg70
Dimensions of grating mount W x D720x390

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