Air sterilization unit

The KLS units are used for reliable disinfection of the air flow in air conditioning and ventilation systems. Microorganisms formed in the ventilation or supplied from the outside via the fresh air are efficiently inactivated and destroyed with the help of these systems. Sick building syndrome and infections can be reduced with these UV-C air disinfection devices.
Klimageraet fuer saubere Luft UVC entkeimung


Ventilation housing |  Ventilation ducts

Geraet saubere Luft Klimakanaele Lueftungen steril
saubere Luft Zweistrahlersystem UVC Desinfektion

Function KLS system suitable for smaller ventilation systems; supports the hygiene requirements of VDI guideline 6022; Series connection of individual modules possible
Equipment moisture-protected UV-C emitter modules with integrated ballast electronics

Assembly/maintenance Easy installation in ventilation ducts – can be integrated into existing ventilation systems/work processes; (no counter holder) Installation vertically in the ventilation shaft
Options Version with ozone emitters for additional odour neutralisation possible

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm L x W x H446x144x104
Housing materialV4A stainless steel
Emitter ST12× UV-C high efficiency / 16.000 h
Lenght of Emitter in mm300-1500
Power in W26-144
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Connection cable in mnone (customer need to provide)
Weight in kg3,3-4,1

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