• Published01.08.2018

10 years of sterilization technology from STERILSYSTEMS in use

"...... our goods stay fresh longer and spoilage hardly ever occurs…" A. Wimpissinger

Andreas Wimpissinger, owner of the butchery of the same name in Angath, district of Kufstein, is convinced of its effectiveness even more than 10 years after the installation of UV-C circulating air disinfection equipment, which accompanies the entire slaughtering, processing and cooling process.

"The Sterilsystems sterilization technology is still working flawlessly, our goods stay fresh longer and spoilage is virtually non-existent. That\'s a big advantage."

As the master butcher goes on to say, although the UV-C emitters are to be replaced after around 12,000 operating hours, the disinfection efficiency is thus continuously and demonstrably maintained.


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