• Published06.08.2020

Innovative UV-C technology for use in public areas

The challenges of the global pandemic due to the corona virus have prompted STERILE SYSTEMS to develop special devices that are intended for use in public areas. These serve to make your stay in public areas, restaurants, offices and meeting rooms as well as in medical practices and pharmacies safe. The use of our innovative technology helps to ensure this security.


ULE 500
The ULE500 was developed for the effective disinfection of indoor air. Thanks to the very quiet fan, the device, which is operated with a pressure switch, can also be used in waiting areas for doctors, therapy and social rooms, in hotels and catering busines and much more applications. The special design of the high-quality powder-coated housing ensures reliable shielding of the UV-C light for people.




The disinfection systems DS400 and DS410 are used to remove unwanted microorganisms on surfaces of small units such as parcels, letters, tools, laboratory glasses, knives and similar utensils. After inserting the objects in the compact stainless steel housing, the duration of the disinfection can be selected accordingly via a timer and the efficient disinfection of unwanted microorganisms can start. The safety device ensures that the emitters are switched off when they are opened during operation.




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