• Published09.06.2021

KLM for 20.000 m³ fresh air flow

Developed for the production hall of a German renowned company, the air disinfection module was delivered in May 2021 by STERILSYSTEMS.

The main advantage of the air disinfection module, which is manufactured out of V4A, is the fact that the UVC emitters can be easily exchanged from the outside. This can be done during the active disinfection process.

The integrated signaling contacts as well as an efficient SPS control, enables an external monitoring. Thus, guarantees air disinfection up to 99,99%.

Air disinfection modules manufactured by STERILSYSTEMS in Salzburg/Austria are an important element within the quality policy, they ensure a properly hygienic environment.

STERILSYSTEMS offers customized systems for any kind of industry and air volume.
At a wavelength of 254nm, the UV-C high-performance emitters do not only prevent the propagation of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds, but they are also inactivating germs up to 99.99%.

High efficiency, economic viability with optimal outcomes are the results of STERILSYSTEMS disinfection systems.


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