• Published25.05.2018

Pass-through disinfection system DE 700-1500 loaded

Another operable pass-through disinfection system with a belt length of 3,3m and a belt width of 0,55m has been loaded and sent.

The pass-through disinfection system has been engineered according to hygienic-design. The system is also designed with the innovative split-technology. Conforming to the customer requirements, the system is manufactured with an inlet and outlet port of 500mm x 50mm (width x height).

The pass-through disinfection serves for the disposal of unwanted microorganisms on surfaces. The surface will be disinfected dry, without chemicals and heat impact. The product or packaging are placed on the conveyor belt and driven through the UV-C disinfection unit.

Find more information about pass-through disinfection systems here…


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