• Published13.04.2018

UV-C air sterilisation module KLM 5.500 m³/h and 20.000 m³/h set into operation

Another air sterilisation system, with an air volume of 5.500 m³/h and 20.000 m³/h respectively and with an air duct profile of 1,5 m x 0,6 m (5.500 m³/h) or 1,8 m x 1,5 m (20.000 m³/h) have been set into operation in Austria. STERILSYSTEMS sterilisation systems offer high efficiency and profitability with optimal results. The inbuilt signal contacts enable an inclusion of an external monitoring system.

The quality policy in case of proper, hygienic ambient conditions is supported by air sterilisation modules of STERILSYSTEMS Salzburg/Austria.

STERILSYSTEMS offers tuned systems for each air volume and line of business. UV-C high efficiency emitters work with a wavelength of 254nm, which do not only prevent the increase of germs, viruses, yeasts and mould spores, in fact the emitters inactivate them up to 99,99%.

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