• Published15.05.2022

Pure Quality in the baking industry!

UV-disinfection devices from STERILSYSTEMS contribute to compliance with hygiene guidelines in food production, increase productivity and contribute to achieving the longest possible shelf life!

The UV-C hood for surface disinfection of conveyor belts and baked goods UV-C exposure is used after cooling, just before packaging, and effectively reduces germs such as bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold spores on the product surface.
The result - pack a product that is as germ-free as possible! With each revolution, the number of germs on the conveyor belt is reduced and thus effectively prevents the multiplication of germs.

A recontamination on the fresh products or the clean surfaces is thus counteracted - you effectively increase your production reliability!

Areas of application: Food production, packaging and storage The figure shows an effective disinfection of a film before it is further used for packaging food.


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