• Published01.12.2022

"Layla" is ready for take off. An UV-C-System on the road.

We manufacture according to your wishes. Specially to meet our customers requirements, another pass-through disinfection device was loaded. You wonder why "Layla"? 
Our UV-C-Tunnel Disinfections are special projects, as each one is adapted to our customer requirements. Accordingly, these systems have a slightly longer production time and are manufactured with great dedication by our colleagues in the workshop.

Since you don't want to spend so many hours with a stranger, our colleagues from the manufacturing department like to give the larger systems names and this time the choice fell on "Layla".

Layla has a maximum inlet opening of 750 x 400 mm (height x width). The weight of the product to be sterilized is 1-25 kg. Responsible for the disinfection of food packaging, Layla was invited to start her career in France.
With the inlet and outlet conveyor, the complete length of the system is almost 9 meters.