• Published04.04.2023

Aim big! Four huge UV-C Air Disinfection modules

When the company production are suddenly becomes a little too "small"! On a big project we are currently working on here in Mauterndorf. Four UV-C air disinfection modules with an air volume of 30,660 m³/h will be shipped to an Austrian customer next week. These four "KLM modules" are made of V2A stainless steel on the inside as well as on the outside and were specially manufactured by us according to our customers requirements. It is used for the renewal of a ventilation system.

Installed in each module there are 48 TR systems. Which means that our high efficiency UV-C emitters are protected by additional quartz glass tubes  (IP68). The UV-C emitters can be easily replaced from above, even during operation. A module has the internal dimensions: L 1830 x W 2380 x H 1465 mm.

The control cabinet, which is planned for an inside installation, has a control (SPS) and function monitoring for these 48 TR systems.

The modules are delivered completely finished and they only have to be integrated into the ventilation duct via the frame connection on both sides. This means that there is no additional installation work on site.

Climate ventilation modules in a wide variety of variants!

Air conditioning and ventilation systems are indispensable today. They have their place in the world of work, medical technology and also in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We often speak of a "feel-good climate" and also mean the temperature and humidity.

STERLSYSTEMS calculates and optimizes the sterilisation components or the complete modules, specifically for the respective application field. Computer simulations - already with the planning of HVAC units - guarantee a high future level of efficiency. Certainly also already existing facilities can be retrofitted.


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