UV-C full face shield

The UV-C full face shield provides reliable shielding to safely carry out UV-C measurements.
uvv100 vollgesichtsschutz flaeche

Usage note

protect eyes and skin before beginning operation of the UV-C emitter source. The UV-C full face shield is part of PPE for the commissioning / maintenance / servicing of UV-C emitter sources.

Function The UV-C full face shield has a large protected view area that allows for an unrestricted field of vision when working with UV-C emitters. An adjustable snap closure allows the shield to be adjusted to the specific user. The UV-C face shield provides reliable protection against UV-C radiation in a range of 254nm. Testing: EN166

Equipment Tinted face shield with a length of 250mm; fold-up design; snap closure sizes 50-64; designed with absorbent terrycloth sweat band; ABS chin protector; head strap is designed to be chemical and heat resistant

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