• Published01.02.2023

The new UV-C knife disinfection unit!

The innovation in food production: Up to three knives can be used in our DVG-certified UV-C knife disinfection system. The device, made of stainless steel, frees the blades, including the shaft transition, from fresh residues and disinfects them effectively within 30 seconds. 
The DVG listed our device in the begining of 2023.

"A method for decontaminating knife surfaces by means of UV radiation (UV-C 254nm) and water rinsing, exposure time 30 seconds. Comparable bactericidal efficacy (≥4 lg) as hot water treatment at 82°C."
If needed, we can of course provide the certificat in English. 

The integrated rinsing cleans the surface from fresh residues, the built-in UV-C emitters ensure that germs are effectively killed. Since no water vapor is produced, the blades remain sharp! Our system has been tested several times and is a certified alternative to the usual hot water pools. Due to the short application time and the number of knives, an increase in production is possible.

Application:  slicing lines | Meat processing companies | Butcher shops | Food production | Restaurants and kitchens | Company cafeterias

The device has a very low power consumption, with a power consumption of only 39W, it saves energy costs for electricity and helps to decrease water waste. The low water consumption of approx. 0.047 m³/h. at 3bar also proves to be an important advantage. The acquisition and maintenance costs are clearly calculable. We would be happy to go through the amortization calculation with you.

The built-in UV-C emitters, which are protected against moisture, are completely shielded, no light penetrates to the outside - this ensures a high level of personal safety. The function of the emitters can be checked by using the build in light guides. The entire electronics are installed in an external control cabinet, which is supplied with a cable length of 4.5 m.

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